Lunch Special Only $8.50

***All choices includes soup of the day, vegetable spring roll, salad and rice***

L1. Spicy Pad Thai

Spicy stir-fried rice noodle with chicken, bean sprout, onion, ground peanut.[/

L2. Basil Chicken

Hot & Spicy chicken, Thai chili, bell pepper, onion, fresh basil

L3. Pad Phik Khing

Stir-fried beef with spicy sauce, bell pepper, green bean, and lime leaves

L4. Green Curry Beef

Beef with green curry paste, eggplant, bell pepper, coconut milk. (The OMG moment)

L5. Red Curry Pork

Pork with bell pepper in red curry paste, bamboo shoots, coconut milk.

L6. Cashew Nut Chicken

Boneless chicken with Cashew nut, roasted chili, onion, and bell pepper.

L7. Goong Pad Plew Waan

Tiger prawn with cucumber, tomato, bell pepper, onion, in sweet & sour sauce.

L8. Ginger Beef

Stir-fried beef with a touch of ginger, bell pepper, onion, mushroom.

L9. Gai Pad Makuayaw

Boneless Chicken with eggplant, bell pepper, fresh basil, and jalapeño.

L10. Yellow Curry Tofu

Mixed vegetables and tofu with yellow curry paste, bell pepper, coconut milk.

L11. Pad Ped Chicken

Boneless chicken, bamboo shoots, bell pepper, Thai chilli, mushroom and fresh basil.